The popular Artist Mano Ezoh is a well established singer, song writer, producer and vocal coach. Born a natural singer, Mano Ezoh managed to dazzle fans from different parts of the world with his soulful voice. Born and raised in Nigeria, the gifted artist right from childhood took his singing very seriously. As a child, the multi-talented artist had dreams where he was standing in the spot light singing in front of a grand audience. He often told his mother about his dreams and how he loved to sing. His vision was to reach out to the world.

Mano Ezoh

Coming from a Christian family, it was not too long after that when he started singing in church where he attended Sunday school at the age of 5. He went ahead and joined the choir and by the age of 11, Mano Ezoh was singing professionally. He later traveled to Germany where he stayed with a cousin and found employment washing dishes. “I never grew up in a rich family. I come from a family where I am the only child that went to a private school,” he shared.

“I am also the only child that traveled out of the country. I found work when I was in High school, saved up and when the time was right, I organized for myself the means to travel to Germany on my own with the money I had saved up”. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and make a good thing happen rather than sitting around waiting for it to happen. The talented singer organized a choir and in 2011 received an entry form the Guinness Book of Records as “the first person with the world’s largest Gospel choir.”

Mano ezoh

In 2013 he produced songs where he collaborated with other established artists such as Snoop Dog and John Legend. The talented young singer took his career all the way to the top and even produced his own label in 2014 which he named “Mezoh Music.” He collaborated internationally with other music companies and produced his first album “Fly” which swept away millions of fans all around Europe off their feet like a fat wave. His songs hit the top of the charts in Europe undoubtedly making him a star.

Today the so full of life, inspirational artist looks to expand his brand and his fan base in his motherland, Africa. He is currently in Nairobi, Kenya and will be leaving for Uganda and Tanzania soon. “I have always wanted to come to Nairobi. I’ve always thought of it as a beautiful country and indeed it is,” he commented. “It would be nice to establish roots in Africa and get my brothers and sisters to love my music,” he continued. The gifted singer will be performing in Nigeria on the 31st of this month.

The talented vibrant Mano Ezoh urges musicians out there to always remember their roots. “I come from a humble back ground and my mother taught me to always be humble and to always remember where I came from. It is so easy to get carried away by all the fame but it is important to stay true to who you are and never lose yourself in it,” he added.

Mano ezoh 2

However when the talented musician was asked if he had a special woman in his life to share his success with he said, ‘the time for that has not yet come although if it does, I will embrace the moment if the right woman comes along.” So ladies, there you have it. Introducing for the first time in Kenya, the super talented Nigerian artist Mano Ezoh. You might want to watch out for the next big thing he is going to do. He is on his way to greatness and there is no stopping him.