Perfect combination, give credit where its due. The simplicity, arrangement and the content. Your confession in your confusion determines the conclusion if its real mapenzi ni karata. How sweet and lovely message. It’s very painful when the one you love breaks your heart, to love or be loved its an agreement between two people. It is true love is tricky but if have a way of handling your partner nothing can go wrong between you two.its only when a third partner comes in between.

mmcBe wise while choosing a spurs, Now days people lose their life so easily through such can play with your feelings and when he or she is done with you, leaves you hanging. Yes I agree love is tricky but also it depends on how you handle it. Young people are used in this situation to satisfy others.

mapenzi karatayoung guys are been bought with money and when they reach the right stage of having a partner, you’ll find their home have quarrels.So be careful out there because of the kind of life we are in. We have ex-cotters, jokers e.t.c. Good staff guys.. MMC WATEM