Akothee is one lady who speaks her mind whether you want to listen or not. She voices her thoughts and concerns on social media, but one thing is for sure, she doesn’t need anyone’s consent. Furthermore its her page. No one held a gun to your head and told you to read what she’s written.

A few days ago she talked about her son’s father and how he threw her out of the house during winter when she was 9 months pregnant and he didn’t take up his responsibilities as a father. He once wanted to take the kid from her when he was only 4 years old. That must have been tough.

Well, she has revealed why she will never get married and what other ladies are going through in the name of being married.


She wrote, “Well , I really wonder if there are still real men left out there , good enough to date , from my small research, women are still crying even in their wedding rings ! & you wonder why I refuse to get married ! I just ask myself what that marriage will bring on the table ! divorce papers ? because am too impatient to keep up with crap especially from men ! I dump you like a hot pan , it’s better to be alone than being lonely in a relationship 🤕💏.”

She continued, “Most men who tried to date me says am spoilt from my past abusive relationships !😂😂😂I laugh because it’s true , am over protected coz I already know you belong to my ex list even before you finish bending your neck , singing the normal chorus of ” I will never hurt you , I will never break your heart ) I wonder if there is any heart left I only have kidney with me 😂😂😂😂😂#Akothmyfirstwife nimeleft, my heart is ment to pump blood , it belongs to my children , wewe ngangana na kidney it’s the only organ meant for excretion & elimination of things that are harmful to the body.”