Early this year, Sam West – now singer Vivian’s fiancé – went down on his knee and proposed to her on live TV. The Charm hit maker said ‘YES’ to the love of her life.

Sam proposed:

“Vivian you have made my heart go Teren Teren. You are the woman in love but I’m the man in love. You’re my charm and today I want to give you my full attention and I want to ask, make my dream come true. I’m asking for your hand in marriage.” 

Vivian accepted.

Then she waited.

Waited to walk down the aisle.

It seems she is now fed up of waiting for the wedding after she took to social media to ask her fans for advice on how long it should take for one to be married after a grande proposal.

vivian kenya

Does this mean the singer is waking her fiancé up?

Here are some of the reactions from her fans:

Stephen Gift Njeka: Siku izi hakuna proposal…pea mtoto Wa wenyewe game poa atakatalia kwako then muoane

Waray Gikandi: 24hours……ata hizo ni mob….inaweza fika 27th hour achotwe na tu slay queens

Ty Salim: not more than one year…….. kama Sam amepitisha nishow I propose to you my love …

Evans Musingi: If someone proposed you go ahead marry tomorrow…. Unaongoja nini mafisi tuko wengi😂😂😂😂🏃