After watching him make headlines at the age of 13 with Kofi Yoo singer Masterpiece aka Hakeem(okay we all know he looks like that guy from Empire)  is back with a new song that will leave you on your feet. The young singer…well not so young anymore…featured his close friend DK Kwenye Beat in Baba Yao that is their latest collabo.

According to Masterpiece he had taken a break from his music to concentrate in his studies. Now that he is done with high school the young man is back to inspire and speak with many of his fans through his music.

Baba Yao is a gospel song written by both DK Kwenye Beat and Masterpiece who took their ti,e to ensure that the message they were passing through to people was relevant and that one, that could help them as Christians.

Masterpiece has however been out of the game for a while but his come back has not let him down as he got to work with the best in the industry, enabling him to understand what people want to listen to.

Anyway judging from how his latest song sounds, we have no doubts that he will soon be playing in the same league as the likes of Bahati, Rufftone and the rest.