Churchill comedian Jasper Muthomi aka MC Jesse and Hot 96 presenter Shix Kapienga born Nancy Wanjiku have been rumoured to be dating. We tried to contact both of them for a comment but none of them was willing to confirm this.

It come out that MC Jessy and Shix Kapyeinga have been dating for a year and are so much into each other that they are ready to settle down together after Mc Jessys divorce from his wife.

It is said Mc Jessy treated her for her birthday and both jetted to Dubai for a week long fun. Mc. Jessys divorce to his wife is still on hence they can’t get married.


Shiks has denied severally that they are having an affair with Mc Jessy.Anyway, we have an old photo of MC Jesse and Shix Kapienga at a red carpet event and they all looked glammed up. Here is the photo