MC Jessy whose real name is Jasper Muthomi has an interesting past that is not publicly known. MC Jessy, one of the country’s top comedians has a humble background that he says nurtured him into being the person he is today.

MC Jessy charges around Sh 200 000 to host a gig and he is one of the most sort after event host in the country. He was a shamba boy at some point before he became the celebrated comedian he is today.

The Churchil Raw host says that after finishing his secondary school education, he moved to Nairobi in a bid to earn a living. In Nairobi, he had to stay at a classmate’s parents’ house in Kawangware as he did not have a place to be.

While in Kawangware, MC Jessy learnt how to make mandazi’s and chips that he would sell. During his days at Kawangware, he met a former friend. The friend was a son to a Member of Parliament then.

After a short while, Jessy moved to his friend’s place where the friend stayed with his family. It is from his close relationship with the MPs son that the MP opted to employ him as a shamba boy in his residence in a leafy suburb of Nairobi City.

Though Jessy declined to name the MP, it is no doubt his life was shaped by the touch he had growing up into the marketable entertainer he is today.