One of Kenya’s most decorated comedians, MCA Tricky has been in the limelight for quite sometime. He is known for his smart, witty jokes that leave the crowd in stitches. But many have been wondering whether this dude is taken or not.

Most comedians are known for being playas, something which they justify with the phrase, “mimi ni msanii bwana.” That losely translates to, “I’m an artiste, bro.”

Artistes, especially rappers are known for leading this lifestyle, the perfect explanation to why Future’s relationship with Ciara never lasted. They broke up based on infidelity rumors.The list goes on and on. Jay Z has been accused of cheating. You know these cases.

MCA Tricky was on Tonight Live with Dr. Ofweneke to set the record straight on whether he is single and ready to mingle or neither.

“Sindio, aii, kwani? Niko na yeye. Niko serious.” (Yes, why not? I have one. I am serious.)

Tricky said that he is dating although he didn’t confirm the name of the girlfriend.