Denis Mwangi a.k.a Papa Dennis is the newly crowned Mwafaka Best Male Artiste of the year. Last born of a family of five, Papa Denis was born and raised in Western Kenya. His twin brother became his playmate and greatest confidant. Together they attended Mtoni Primary school in Western Kenya but after his parents passed on, Papa Denis could not pursue higher education.

It was at this point that he decided to capitalize on his love for music. Despite the struggle and lack of funds to start a musical career, the lucky stars shone upon him when he was called for a talent search. Fortunately, there were dignitaries at the event, among them Sadat Muhindi of Maliza Umaskini who felt compelled to support his growing talent.

“It was not easy, but I thank God. I believe it was his perfect timing upon my life, something I cannot simply overlook,” Denis points out.

Meeting Sadat Muhindi gave him an opportunity to record his first single Ameshinda vita. While it may not have received as much airplay as he hoped for, Papa Dennis stayed consistent and went ahead to release Bendera ya yesu, Makeke featuring Jimmy Gait, Injili, Msamaria Mwema, Foundation featuring Daddy Owen and now Njoo featuring Rwandese singer Tonzi.

Thanks to the Maliza Umaskini family, Papa Dennis was able to make high end videos most of which have been receiving massive airplay. While many may think his videos are overpriced, Papa Dennis insists that one needs to give their all into music if they want it to work out.

“Upcoming artistes and youths in general should stay consistent and focus upon that which they hope to achieve because someone is watching and may soon be the person that raises them.” Papa Dennis advised.