When you talk about media couples in Kenya one comes to mind, Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari.  Their life together was closely followed by the public and media but unlike them, this other media couple has managed to stay away from the paparazzi. KTN anchor James Smart and K24’s Remmy Majala know that their marriage is not everyone’s cup of tea but theirs alone.

Separating your family and public life is one lesson the Smarts know too well and they are scoring highly because the are smart.


James Smart and his wife Remmy Majala

Despite appearing on our television sets almost every week, many are yet to know that James Smart of KTN and the beautiful Remy Majala of K24 are actually married and have a son together.

The two have been together way before 2014, but their relationship has been successfully kept away from the public eye


Remmy Majala Smart

Being a couple in the same field can pose great danger to any relationship and Mr Smart once revealed to a local magazine that he tries making it home early to help his son, Riley Kwamusonzi with his homework and tuck him in bed.

Smart’s full name is James Obuya Smart, a man who was raised by his grandmother in Korogocho slum but is well schooled.


Meet the Smarts

Remmy, on the other hand, is officially Rehema Majala and very little is known about her.

Watch James Smart in Cardiff, UK where he went for his graduate school studies.