watch-5yearold-heaven-king-her-adorable-crew-lean-dab-all-over-hollywood-new-video_1Meet Heaven, a girl who is only 4-years-old but she is already a big sensation on the internet due to her amazing dance moves. Heaven has come to be known in 2015 when she and her mother Tianne were both invited as guests to attend the Ellen DeGeneres show.

This duo gained people’s hearts with a flawless choreography inspired in Beyonce who happens to be one of Heaven’s favorite artist.

Meet the new Beyonce.

In an interview Tianne King said her daughter is a fast learner. She usually learns these dance moves very quickly.

Meet the new Beyonce.
In one of her videos, Heaven rocks to the sound of “Watch Me” along with her dance crew.
Meet the new Beyonce.

Just take a look on how this little girl “rocks it all” in the middle of the streets of New York. It is hard to believe she is only 4!

She has her own fans now! She will definitely be a professional dancer!!