Koffi Olomide was sentenced to 18 months in prison a few hours after he was arrested and taken to a court in Kinshasa. However, he might have walked walked around freely, like other celebrities, had it not been for one man, a powerful one, by the name Zacharie Bababaswe. A Congolese member of parliament.

Congolese Congressman ,Zacharie Bababaswe, took it up to himself to see to it that Koffi paid dearly for assaulting one of his female dancers in Kenya.

The flamboyant politician used to be good friends with Koffi until they fell out after the veteran musician and his lead singer, Cindy Le Coeur, were accused of belittling him in their songs.

Mr. Bababaswe started a campaign to have Koffi arrested the moment the music maestro touched down in Kinshasa after he was deported from Kenya.

He filed a petition on behalf of the Congolese public to get the musician punished for assaulting his dancer and for shaming DR Congo.

In a televised press conference, Mr. Bababaswe expressed shock and disappointment with authorities questioning why Koffi was still a free man yet there was video evidence showing the musician kicking his dancer in Kenya.

The congressman had the backing of the public which was baying for the blood of Koffi Olomide. The police quickly responded and arrested Koffi who was then immediately taken to court. Congolese justice system must have felt the heat from the public to quickly sentence Koffi within the few hours he was presented in court.

Even though Koffi battered his dancer, the kind of justice he was subjected to was based on punishing him severely rather than rehabilitating him.