Kenya’s favorite girl band Band Beca is a fast-rising duo of two fashionable, charming, vocally talented and forward-thinking ladies. They go by the names Becky Sangolo and Carol Kamweru. They’re known for groovy songs like “Tonight” and Brathe.

They’ve gotten to work with renowned artist like South African rapper AKA and Nigerian star Olamide.

I caught up with them and they quickly told me a few things that most people don’t know about them:

1. “We have seasonal cravings. This month is milk shakes and frappes.”

Band Beca 2

2. “We don’t like to look alike contrary to what people think. We each have our own style.”

Band Beca

3. “We love to explore new joints together.”

Band Beca

4. “We love going out for movies.”

Band Beca

5. “We think alike. We guess it’s ’cause we are always together.”

6. “We talk super fast that only we can understand each other.”

Band Beca

7. “We order for the same drinks and food when we go out.”

Band Beca 34