Like they say; it’s rare for God to bless someone with all His might, it turns out different with Ariinda Viola aka Viola Trumpets a third year finalist at MUST offering a Bachelors degree in Information technology.

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Viola is a tall and slender light skinned beautiful lady who stands out among other extra ordinary multi-talented University souls. Apart from her modelling career, which she rarely gives much of her time, Viola is a successful singer (vocalist) working with the ’12 Keys Band’ in Mbarara, western region.

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Viola says she discovered her talent of singing way back in primary during the act of rehearsal for speech days, which used to happen at the end of every term as the pupils sang for their parents. She added, “I was then the choir leader. This inspired me alot”.

She since then decided to push on her singing career throughout her secondary life time up-to-date. She says her talent has opened many doors in her life. “I have met many different people, made new friends, explored so many different places courtesy of my God-given talent”, she added.

In 2013, Trumpets, who once was among the ‘NTV Exposed talent show’ competition that was hosted by MC Kats, currently hosting a different show at nbs Tv, emerged No.2 in the entire western region which led her to the Grand finale at the country level in here Kampala.


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