Willis Raburu is married and we can’t hide the joy and surprised after receiving the good news. We had always heard of Willis engagement which broke down sometime back.

Though none of the engaged couple came out to explain what caused them breaking of their engagement, they have moved on. Especially Willis Raburu who has shocked us after getting married in Runda yesterday to marya prude.

It came as shock and hearts melting with joy. The 10 over 10 host married the sizzling hot love of his life in a holy matrimony yesterday.

The bride looked so stunning in all white gown, while the groom willlis clad an African attire. It came as a sweet surprise as they had kept the wedding under wraps that no one had an hint of what was happening especially in the social media.

The energetic Willis Raburu managed to keep things away from social media him being media personality and a public figure for that matter.

Well, i’m sure know you are anxious to see the beautiful Mrs. Willis Raburu.