He has been in the limelight recently for his weight concern. Anyway, Mejja of kansoul is a well known figure in the music industry after his ‘kwani jana kuliendaje’ hit.

He was a average in weight then.Until after the hit song he started ballooning, i think money was following him na akajiachilia. Recently in an interview he lost his temper on a fan who told him he should do something on his weight.

I think weight hasn’t been the problem to him until now. He doesn’t know what to do with his body mass. Being popular and getting good money is the cause.

His music reflects a person from a back ground were everybody cares for each other.

so, he was to have an interview yesterday at KTN with Jamal Gaddafi but it didn’t happen since he was not feeling so well.He was so sorry to his fans that he posted this on his social media pages

“Getting Ready For A Minor Operation, I Apologise I Won’t Be Able To Make The Maisha Mzuqa Interview On Ktn with Jamal Gaddafi but tune in later in the day my Kansoul family will hold it down #Bablas Wagenge GODBLESS,” Mejja posted and shared photos of him in a hospital bed.”

We wish you all the best Mejja.

Mejja is said to be down with unknown illness and he doesn’t seem well. He said he is undergoing a minor operation…from what he will tell us later.

Msanii wishes him quick recovery.