Yenyewe divorce can be super vicious. Singer Mercy Myra and her now, ex hubby rapper Attitude went through a bitter divorce and it seems like time hasn’t healed the bile. It has been a couple of years now and still, there is no love lost.


Attitude took to his social media pages to throw shade at Mercy Myra stating she needs to stop acting all holier than thou.

Attitude wrote,

“When ya Baby Momma BRAIDS hair for side money and keeps her shit A1 but sends your  daughter to school, hair undone for 4 days str8, you don’t complain you get shit done…#FuckWhatYouHeard #SheAintNoAngel #DaddyDuties #ApparentlyIDontDoShitForMyDaughter #ByeFelicia #WhoYouHurtinInAnEffortToProveAPoint.”

Mercy being the gracious woman she is, She has chosen the high road. Not once has she ever responded to any of Attitude’s baits. Actually, she is living her life trying to push her music career forward. Check out her performance from last night’s benefit concert.

She wrote, “Happened this beautiful evening… At @coachherman/instagram Aka #HermanLittle and Friends benefit concert #EndFGMNow #nuroyalrecords Donate and spread the word… #StopFgmNow.”