There has been a lot of drama in the Tanzanian entertainment scene but we cannot complain as we also cannot stay away from watching it ourselves.

A few days ago Harmonize’s ex girlfriend, Wolper Stylish was said to have been having issues with the lady who replaced her in Harmonize’s life, Sarah.

Wolper and Sarah

Wolper and Sarah

Though there was no proof…the two ladies have finally come out to wash their dirty linen in the open and yes…Tanzanian superstars indeed have too much drama but the sad thing is that they happen to be sharing spouses.

At the moment Wolper is threatening to get her man back but Sarah is having none of that as she has been posting videos and pictures of how happy she is with her new found love – unluckily for her Tanzanian fans supporting Wolper seem to be willing to do anything to get her out of the picture.

With that, a new photo of Sarah and her husband has been making rounds on social media to prove that this Caucasian lady has always had a ‘thing’ for black men. Anyway, checkout the photo of the lady and her ex making rounds on social media.

Harmonize's Mzungu with her ex husband

Harmonize’s Mzungu with her ex husband