Mfungwa-Kaploti Mwenyewe


Mfungwa is a spoken word track, which kaploti explains the hard ships and life in prison. Life is very hard when your are behind bars. learn to be patient, tolerant, to forgive, to be sorry, to adapt to the changes of life, always practice equity, to have a clean conscience, to smile even to those who wants the worst for you, to be loyal, to help when need, to truly love and to work hard in order to achieve your goals.

kantona Always be clean in everything you do, that’s the time You ought to smile at yourself , and take nothing less than that. Know the people who are around you. Being rude, keeping grudges normally helps nothing. Actually learn to live life based on those great music, moral of the story. don’t take justice into your own hands. By doing so, apparently you are not someone of success someone who has a life.

The audio and video are produced by Grip musiq n pictures, directed by Steve kipande.