The Michelle Yola/Prezzo circus is lit! Just when you think they are out of tricks and stunts, they pull a new trick out of the bag to keep us glued to whatever it is they are doing.

The lass has now come out to say she and Prezzo… Hold up.

Yesterday, we saw a video of the pair of them in bed basking in post-coital glory and we were happy they had reconciled and rekindled their flame.

The couple conducted on of those Instagram Live interviews and in it, Michelle Yola was wearing some booty shorts and she looked like she had just been from riding the very same cucumber she had hitherto called small.

She later stood up to walk away wearing booty shorts and I must say, she really is a fine specimen of the female form.

She has since come out to refute all the claims that she and Prezzo are back together, claims made by both Prezzo and the fact that she was in the video. But then again, what do we know? Didn’t Biggie once rap,

“Some say the ex makes the sex spectacular…”

This is what she had to say about the entire affair: