It gets to a point where you feel like taking someone to a far away land and leaving them there so that the rest of human race can breathe in peace.



Michelle Yola has been making headlines for days now with her boyfriend Prezzo. She started off by saying that Prezzo had been cheating on her even producing screenshots of the conversation she had with the lady having a thing with Prezzo.

Later on she changed up her story claiming that they are still together and stronger than ever and that all.

The post read, “Don’t believe everything my darlings, it’s only Instagram???????????? it’s crazy how ppl have opinions on relationships that doesn’t even concern them.”


However, the story seems to have taken a different turn and she now claims that she had nothing to do with that post.

She yet again took to social media to claim that Prezzo hacked her account and has been posting stuff without her consent.

She wrote, “Thanks to my Google account finally i got a hold of my account [email protected] logged in n changed my passwords plus he deleted everything and posted his own bulshit but since he wanna go down that route with me I’ll sleep for now tomorrow am gonna put everything straight . everything I posted in the morning is what it was n if you have received any emails or whatsapp mssgs the last 8hrs know i was blocked out of my phone cz he had my info. Goodnight!


At this point it’s quite hard to tell who is telling the truth or is it all a publicity stunt. Well, I’m pretty sure we will seeing a lot of this kinda posts.