There is a pregnancy on Nairobi D that no one knew about and it has nothing to do with Mishy Dorah. Today I am here to talk to you about Michelle Yola.

And the reason behind her and Prezzo’s very complicated break up is because Prezzo found out Michelle Yola was pregnant through the very same grapevine that I tapped into for the information and Pezzo went into a tizzy.


According to the story told, he has been desperately trying to track her down for a sitdown because he might be looking to be involved in the child’s life.

Yola, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with Prezzo and is reportedly adamant that she has nothing to do with Prezzo and the child is not his. A fact that sources close to her claim she has gone out of her way to stress. She is with a new man, a man she says she has been dating for the past 5 months so this child cannot be Prezzo’s.


All my attempts to reach her for a comment on the matter were however futile as calls went unanswered. Perhaps she is entertaining her German bae: