Michelle Yola has been making headlines since last year.

If it’s not anything to do with fighting with cast members of the reality, she’s having issues with her on and off again boyfriend, or is it fiance. I never know what it is.

Anyway, about two weeks again, news spread like wild fire that Michelle beat up Prezzo so badly he had to be rushed to hospital. Ok, lets talk about this for a second. Have you seen how tiny Michelle is? She looks like she can’t even slap a housefly leave alone hit a guy to a point he’s taken to the hospital.


Well, Michelle denied she did that during an episode of Nairobi diaries. The two have broken up but claim they are still friends.

But Yola is not in a good place at the moment as she is unwell. She took to social media to announce that she tried to wake up but her whole couldn’t move so she had to be rushed to the hospital and Unfortunately she was admitted. Or is she pregnant?Just my curiosity thoughts.

She wrote, “Everyday above ground is a blessing..just woke up n my whole body couldn’t move..just getting admitted but I will be alright coz God is a powerful God! ????.”