Mike Sonko has responded to attacks from former radio queen, Ciku Muiruri who blew her horn for Peter Kenneth who has dropped his presidential bid for a gubernatorial seat. image40

The entry of Peter Kenneth in the Nairobi gubernatorial seat conjured a storm between the former radio queen, Ciku Muiruri and Mike Sonko- two bitter rivals.

On her social media, Muiruri who minces no words threw shade at Sonko saying that she was going to rejoice now that Kenneth would save Nairobi from Sonko’s hands.

“If Peter Kenneth runs for Governor of Nairobi I will be filled with such elation, euphoria and exultation. I can’t even begin to describe!”

Muiruri’s attack was the second having attacked the senator in the past when his girls sensationally flaunted loaded guns on social media.0fgjhs5l7b055tkk1-70b878ea

According to her, Sonko is a menace who had no business being Nairobi’s governor in 2017..

“So much so that I will happily donate my time, resources etc to make sure you get elected! Please save us from Mike Sonko,

Sonko, not the one to take a fight lying down, went ham on the former radio queen and reminded her of her past sins, especially the Artur brothers saga of gone days.0fgjhs5rrshosuj5g-855b40c2

Muiruri was very close to the Artur brothers- a duo of rumoured assassins, criminals and drug pushers .

“Kenyans haven’t forgotten the company you keep, you dined and wined with foreign mercenaries. You should focus on clearing your name first,” Sonko fired back.

mike-sonkoThe radio queen also talked about the recent spat where Sonko had sensationally declared himself the acting president when Uhuru and his deputy were out of the country.