Mishi Dora is one of Kenya’s biggest celebrity of the moment. And she is really capitalizing on all the fame and attention she currently has. The break-out star of this season of Nairobi D now only needs to convert her fame into money.

But whenever her name is mentioned, two things always come to mind for most people; Rayvanny and her fuckboy baby daddy usually affectionately referred to as “fuckboy babby daddy”.

But we have never been treated to the introduction of said baby daddy of and that has left most Nairobi D fans with an empty feeling. And that has been the trend till now.

because now, we not only know who he is but have his name and photos of the two even kissing.

We all know Mishi has two children aye? And we learnt about this through her conversations about her and also from some smack that was allegedly spoken by Risper Faith about said children.

So now let us talk about how we got the photos. Risper Faith recently went out for a fun night about town and while on her fun night, she met her babby daddy who we now know is called Jeff. And Jeff is this guy: