A model that gets the most picks on a dating website has revealed his secrets to being the top choice of women. He believes that his main reasons to being the top pick among women are his killer good looks and interesting bio. However, the model is looking for a long-lasting relationship with a woman he can settle down with and have a family with.

Stefan gets over fourty invitations to dates a day

26 year old professional Model Stefan Pierre Tomlin is one of the top picked choices on the popular dating site “Tinder.”

He has recently revealed his secrets to winning the hearts of women before even meeting them. Stefan’s been getting so many dating offers that he had to turn off the dating app notifications from his phone.

One of the main reasons that he’s a top pick among the ladies is that he’s well-muscled and stands 188cm tall – the very definition of “tall, dark and handsome stranger.”

Stefan is looking for a woman he can settle down with and have a family

However, Stefan says that there are far more important things than good looks. He said: “There’s no point in just being good looking in photos if you’re bland to talk to. I always look for personality – someone who can have a laugh.”

When asked what kind of woman he is looking for the model replied: “I’m looking for someone who has a good opening line, something funny or that makes them stand out. One match recently started with “so what gives you the privilege of me swiping right?”. That’s been one of the best.”

He added: “When I meet the right girl, I will know straight away and it will happen really quickly.”

Stefan stated that he is looking for a long term relationship and hope to find a woman he can settle down with and have a family.