KTN’s investigative journalist, Mohamed Ali reportedly survived an assassination attempt on the morning of Friday, August 26 along Bunyala road. The scanty information on social media reveals that he was trailed by a car from the CBD before a biker tried to shoot him in traffic.

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KTN’s investigative Journalist, Mohamed Ali, on the morning of Friday, August 26, reportedly  survived an assassination attempt on his way to the Standard Group Offices on Mombasa road.

Ali was reportedly trailed by a car from the Central Business District (CBD) to around the Nyayo national stadium.

At Bunyala road, a man who was on a motorbike aimed a gun at his car but never got to fire shots because, at that very moment, the slight traffic jam eased.maxresdefault (8)

The would-be assassin then sped off in the bike.

 In his recent expose on TV, Ali revealed that six people have since been murdered to aid in the cover-up of the murder of businessman, Jacob Juma.

The expose also revealed that the police killed a four-man gang to cover up the murder of the controversial businessman Jacob Juma.

It has now emerged that the four men thought to be gangsters who were shot dead on May 23 along Uhuru Highway were part of  a scheme to protect  Juma’s assassins.

Jacob Juma was killed on the night of Thursday, May 5, 2016, and his body was found dumped in his car along Ngong Road, near the  Lenana School.