Money has that je ne sais quoi feel to it. When you are broke, people will know. When you are loaded, people will still know. How, you may ask? It is the magic touch of money. Your financial status will always reflected.

Your looks are your greatest selling point. How you dress, groom and eat will always tell other people around you about your current financial position.

However, sometimes there is a common misconception that people have of mistaking a man with a kitambi as wealthy or rich. My friend, not all pot-bellied men have money!!

 Now, Kiswahili news anchors Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan make a very beautiful couple. They are one of the most admired celebrity couples in Kenya. Rashid is a news presenter at NTV, while his beautiful wife Lulu Hassan plies her trade at Royal Media’s Citizen TV.

The two are always looking polished, both on and off air. While attending public gatherings, the couple is always a neck-turner. They dress well and always looking impeccable in the way they groom.


But pia wao wametoka farthest!! You have to see the photo below, when the duo looked dusty and broke, ndio ujue kweli pesa ni sab