Has Maina Kageni acquired another fuel guzzler to add to his crazy car collection?

In order: Manchester United, Cars and Relationship matters.Those three basically sum up what Maina Kageni loves in this world. 0fgjhsq58jnl54k6g-c94543d7

The popular radio presenter has a serious love for cars and you will always spot him with flashy cars, preferably German or American automobiles, as comfort and quality is a priority for him.


Just six months ago, Maina bought a brand new Ksh16 million BWM X6.

Recently, word had it that he acquired a brand new 2016 BMW X6 and now, Maina took to Instagram to share a photo of a new Mercedes-Benz GLE400 still in a showroom and probably hinting his next new car.


Maina posted the photo on his Instagram that has left fans wondering whether it’s his new car.

The radio presenter has a fleet of vehicles, mostly SUVs, all bought from a showroom.

0fgjhs6dbgg5qlot6-ec0baa5aThe presenter was also given by Chevrolet a Manchester United branded car in 2014. The MercedesĀ GLE400 costs about Ksh 5 million without tax and that might actually trip when it lands in the country.NTV’s Larry Madowo drives the same model.