Baringo Senator Gideon Moi sends pilot to Nairobi from Eldoret to buy his favourite drinks. This was after a party he was invited to did not serve his preferred drink.

So the last born of former president Daniel Moi, Gideon, was invited to a birthday party in Eldoret, possibly over the weekend. 0fgjhs3952i2jq91cg.71e9617e

Gideon Moi with his wife Zahra in a past function. Photo: Nation

The KANU leader prepared for the party and probably arrived in pomp and what not, but upon realising that the party host was not serving his favourite alcoholic drink, he did what rich people do to solve their problems.

He threw money at it.


0fgjhs2gnrfoj7rvng.b46a673bBaringo Senator Gideon Moi sent his pilot to buy drinks in Nairobi and deliver them to him in Eldoret town.

According to our mole, he had his pilot fly his helicopter from Eldoret town to Nairobi, two locations separated by 310 km if you are poor and use the road- but 264 km if you are flying- to buy his drinks and deliver them to him.

We, however, cannot establish which brand of drink the Baringo county Senator craved that much.

Now this is what we call rich people’s problems, better yet, first world problems.



Former president Daniel Moi grets NARC Kenya leader Martha Karua at the wedding of Hellen Sambili’s daughter. Image: The Star

Still on matters helicopter ,three months ago, Daniel Moi himself was part of a surprise twist in a court case in which 248 petitioners from the Samburu community accused him of transferring 17,000 acres of land to Kenya Wildlife Service.

The judge ordered the defendants to hire a helicopter to fly Moi and his lawyers to the land they accused him of grabbing.

The petitioners would have been required to shell out roughly KSh 600,000 to hire and transport the former president.