Hot 96FM Mid Morning Show presenter Monique Kabuye was left speechless Friday morning when her husband Richard Bett surprised her in the most amazing way modern-day diehard romantics would.

Monique Kabuye was bidding her listeners bye 12: 30pm when her husband surprised her [PHOTO/EDAILY]

Monique, who was hosting her last show on Hot96 FM Friday, October 21 after two years on radio, was bidding her listeners bye 12: 30pm when her husband – tall, dark and bespoke – sneaked in the studio; carrying a bouquet of red rose flowers; a black guitar well-hang on the left shoulder; and their daughter well-balanced on the right arm.

Hot Breakfast host David Oyuke was carrying a box of cake and a bunch of red and white balloons – and once the crew accessed the studios, Monique was stunned into disbelief – live on air!

“I was doing my show, reading the tweets, saying my goodbyes, and the next thing I saw is everyone was in the studio surprising me. My daughter showed up in studio as well, her aunt Hamida, my husband… they were here to give me an emotional goodbye,” Monique told eDaily.

“It has been an amazing journey doing Mid Morning Show on Hot 96 FM, playing all the good music, discovering talents; it has been an amazing ride. And to be appreciated, this way is more than diamonds and gold. I can almost feel that I would be missed. I want to thank the entire team and everyone who was a part of this.”

And what is Monique Kabuye’s next project? “You have to follow me on Instagram and Twitter @Moniqueangelyn. I would give my details there,” she said, before leaving the interview set with tears of joy dancing on her eyes; saying: “I am going to breastfeed my baby.”

I can’t say love is a disease: Richard Bett, Monique Kabuye’s husband [PHOTO/EDAILY]

Monique Kabuye’s husband shared with eDaily what triggered him to pull a stunt that would probably go down in history as a one of the rarest show of romance on radio.

“I can’t say love is a disease. Everything you do because of love is beautiful. I did not have a plan, but I know I love my woman. So, whatever I knew I would do, I knew it would be great. It was very effortless, and that is just me to her; I just love her so much. I would do for her whatever it is that I can do,” Mr Bett said.

“I surprise her a lot. It doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t have to be a special day. It is any day for me, especially when she least expects. It is not driven by time or anything; it is driven by my action just to show her that I love her.”

Monique was amazing on air [PHOTO/EDAILY]

Monique was amazing on air – so good that people would hardly fail to notice. Bett says he played an integral role in ensuring that his wife achieved full potential.

“Just like any other relationship, it has to be founded on something; there has to be a support system. For me, the most basic thing you need to do is to support your partner in whatever they love, whatever they want to pursue; and listen to them, and then complement them. Do what you can in your power to help them make it. I am very happy to see her making it. I am very happy to see her succeed. I am happy to see her excel – go to greater heights, go to the next level, and I want to be the pillar behind her success. If there is something bugging her, I want to be the one to remove that bug,” he said.

And a brief description of his family: “Our daughter Aiko Cherono Bett is 1-year and two-months old. My wife is Ugandan; and has some Rwandese blood as well. We have been together since August 16, 2014 – that is officially. But we knew each other since November, 10, 2010.”

I can only say the sky is the limit: Richard to Monique [PHOTO/EDAILY]

Mr Bett’s message to his wife as she ventures into deeper waters in her career, waters that she is yet to disclose.

“I can only say, the sky is the limit. I can only say impossible for my wife means nothing. It is only her who is on her way. By believing in her, I want she believes in herself, and believe that she can do anything that she wants. I think she has had a great time on radio. But it does not mean she cannot do it again. I am very sure that the future is bright for her.”

[All photos courtesy of Robert Githire].