Morgan Heritage is back, bigger and better with a new album just a year after winning a Grammy Award for best reggae album back in February.

The new album titled Avrakedabra is crazy and exceptional. It not only contains fifteen tracks but it has also been recorded in almost all parts of the world.

From Africa to Europe and then the Caribbean to the US, it is just one to watch out for. According to the band, the most memorable places for them during the recording of this album are reunion islands in the Indian ocean.


That is the best thing about technology. You can set up from anywhere you are and capture all the elements of all the places you have been to.

So what makes this album different? According to Mojo, one of the group members, it brings different sounds for people on different platforms. ”

“What makes this album different from our last album is we were able to bring in a different type of sound into within this album that reaches out to a different type of audience,” he said.


They started writing a lot of these songs when they were writing strictly roots album and did alot of writing after winning the Grammy award for the same album. So it has some roots of now and then.

So it has some roots of now and then making it even more fun to listen to. They also feature another reggae super house in the album! Ziggy and Stephen Marley!

It has been a fulfilling journey for them and it is a chance for the world to see what they have grown into. It is definitely an excellent album that you shouldn’t miss checking out!