The last time we heard about Tanzanian singer TID, it was after pictures of him with a girl in bed emerged on social media. The pictures posted by a girl who claims she was a housegirl, went viral after she claimed they were lovers. Though he has not released any hit singles, he is still managing to make headlines.

Listen to one of his hit songs below;

This time round his mother is speaking up about his drug addiction, something that has all Tanzanians concerned. Recently, the Tanzanian government issued a list of celerities it claimed were either using drugs or were peddlers of the banned substances.

This led to the arrest of socialite Wema Sepetu and singer Vanessa Mdee.

Now TID’s mum has shared a heartbreaking story of how drugs have ruined her sons life.

The bongo singer has been linked to drug trafficking severally and has even served time in prison.

Even fellow female singer Ray C has tried to reach out to him after she also went into rehab for drug addiction.

Hus mum is speaking up for the first time about his addiction, while thanking the President for doing all to end drug addiction in the east african country.

She says her son has stooped taking drugs. are comments from fans congratulating TID