Diamond and Zari have been in the country for a couple of days now. They first landed in Mombasa where they stayed at the luxurious English Point Marina.

It is reported that Diamond had flown in to seal some deals which didn’t go through.

diamond and zari 9

Zari on the other hand has been going through so much. A few months ago, she buried her ex husband Ivan Ssemwanga whom they have three boys together. Not so long after, her mother was admitted to hospital after suffering a heart failure. She fought a good fight, but she later on died. She was buried last week at their home in Uganda.

A good vacation would do her good and so Diamond decided to spoil her with a much deserved vacation to Mombasa, since Diamond had a club appearance at B-Club.

diamond and zari 5

While in Mombasa, the two were serving all kinds of sauce, mchuzi and mayo. Rocking baby blue and white outfits, they looked amazing and had a pretty good time from the videos they posted on social media.

Check out some photos from their vacation below:

diamond and zari 3

diamond and zari 1

diamond and zari 2

diamond and zari 4

diamond and zari 6

diamond and zari 8