Nakuru East Member of Parliament David Gikaria confessed to youths during International Youth Day celebrations of how he used to beat his wife when he was a youth. The MP was speaking to the young crowd urging them to avoid violence in their homes.

Nakuru Town East Member of Parliament David Gikaria, while speaking to the youth at Afraha Stadium during International Youth Day celebrations, found himself sharing his dark past in order to drive a point.

The MP confessed how he used to beat his wife when he was a youth, causing her pain and trauma.



Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria in a Nakuru court. Photo: Daily Nation

“I caused my family so much pain and sorrow, they never understood why I used to beat my wife. I regret my actions,” said the MP who was almost in tears while sharing his past with the youth. “I beat her up seriously when she was nine months pregnant and we almost lost our only son.”

He urged the young men to stop beating their wives, advocated for gender equality and asked them to stand up for the rights of both men and women.

“I vowed never to beat my wife again. You see, during my youth, I had no one to advise me about life matters, so I engaged in several social vices,” he said.
“I am happy that our women are now educated and have good jobs. They are in better positions to make informed decisions.”