Little has been heard about Pastor Victor Kanyari of the Salvation Ministries in the last few months.


The last we heard about him was that he was building an elegant home for his family along Kangundo road and that was about it.

Kanyari’s dubious ways of making money were brought to light a few years ago by KTN’s Mohammed Ali on the Jicho Pevu program.

The investigative journalist revealed how the man of cloth used Potassium permanganate – which turns red when mixed with water – to fool Christians that it was blood from their bodies.

He also claimed that he could cure any disease, even AIDS and Cancer, as long as you had the required amount for the miracle.


To think Kenyans would stop going to his church after watching the expose would be a very misguided thought. Apparently only a handful left and his ‘business’ still thrives.

Police had to drop the case because no one was willing to press charges against him, even the women whose breasts he fondled in church.

Sources say Kanyari ministry is doing better than before and he lives a life that is envied by many.

Once in a while he lets us see his expensive cars but this time around he posted a picture with large bundles of notes before him. This is the some of you pay in church after being told to “give to God”.

Check out the photo below.kanyari