Mr. Nice is remembered by many as darling to Bongo fans and godfather to Bongo music. His hit songs Rafiki, Kikulacho, First Lady and many others were songs everybody would wake up to every day. He was the one who introduced bongo music in East Africa.

The kidalipo hit-maker, Mr.nice had made people fall in love with bongo music for his creativity and his lyrics. He was the sweetheart in East Africa. His music sold like hot cake and his life transformed and grew in a big way.

In style and dressing he was young energetic, he charmed all whom he entertained. He Said that Kenya was one country that supported wholly through his music to the fullest. And he became rich and started living big in style.

To an extend that he even went to enjoy life in south Africa and when he came back, money had been blown away by women and good life he was living.

He had to start from scratch but luck does not knock on your door twice, As he came back to earn more money through music, there were other musicians like diamond and Ali Kiba who had fresh talent in music and were flourishing in East Africa, With fresh Blood and better talent.

And many other musicians who had woken up to share the bongo music pie, whio were rolling it big in music.

It was so unfortunate that he had to come back to Kenya, to try his luck once more. But things have not been so good as he has been in Kenya doing his music which has been by passed by times. And money not flowing as he desired and considering age has been catching up with him.

In Kenya life has been hard for Mr. Nice and Kenyans too. From rumours, now you can get to his shows for as little two bottles of beer only. He is considering going back home to Tanzania looking old and without money. Life is so unfair sometimes.

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