Philanthropic young businessman and upcoming politician Ben-Tie could be the man behind Mr Nice’s current rise, if confessions made by the Tanzanian singer are anything to go by.’

The singer who has moved to Kenya to jumpstart his music career has told Pulse that Ben-Tie, who is also known to be one of Mike Sonko’s close confidants, has been assisting him fix his showbiz career.

“This guy has been like a brother who can also be referred as my boss. Since I moved to Kenya, he has been funding me and assisting me in every way,” Mr Nice told Pulse.

Early this week, Mr Nice went online to flaunt wads of cash. This being a sign that he could be making some headway in his career that also got a boost a month ago after a leading Kenyan stable pledged to sign him.

Last month, he launched three new songs that are part of his upcoming album.


“I have been working smart and I think I now have a good team to work with, which was the missing connection over the years. With people like Ben-Tie, my return dream is coming true,” he affirms.