Tanzanian singer Mr Nice was allegedly robbed by a prostitute. The singer reportedly lost an Iphone and a lumpsome of cash. The lady in question however denied the claims Tanzainan singer Mr Nice has found himself at the centre of controversy after a commercial sex worker exposed him after a night of “fun” Mr Nice, whose real names are Lucas Mkenda, reportedly woke up crying after the “call girl” made away with his valuables, including his Iphone.
Tanzanian media reports that the Mr Nice picked up the girl on Tuesday, July 25 for some night of action only to wake up to find money and his phone missing. He has since launched an investigation for the woman. Tanzanian singer Mr Nice caught up in embarrassing prostitute drama Tanzanian singer Mr Nice raising havoc at the hotel.
Luckily, the “call girl” who is only known as Happy was caught up with and apprehended by police. In another twist, however, Happy sensationally denied having stolen Mr Nice’s phone, claiming that the phone in her possession belonged to her lover. As for the money, she claimed to have asked the sfallen singer for it for her ailing brother.