Anyone who has owned a dog before knows it is no easy task feeding them. Try feeding over 30 of them by yourself.

Kenya’s self-proclaimed richest singer Akothee has a fleet of high maintenance dogs at her posh home in Rongo.

akothee-collage akothee-plane

The dogs, she recently revealed, were consuming meat equivalent to two cows in a month. You read correct. Two fully grown cows!

What’s more, all 34 of them do not live in a dogs pen like any other but rather, they comfortably reside inside Akothee’s flamboyant establishment.


Aside from music, Akothee is also an established farmer in Migori county Photo:(Instagram)

She recently spoke to Larry Madowo on his show ‘The Trend’, and when asked why she kept 30 dogs, she was quick to praise their ‘loyalty’.

“They are loyal friends. They are loyal to me” she said curtly.

The “Yuko Moyoni” singer, who recently terminated her wedding plans, recently took to instagram to talk of how overwhelming maintaining the dogs was proving to be.

Wao am offloading some pets yawa, they be too much , they keep on giving birth like their owner! but they ain’t bringing anything on the table apart from security , atleast they are loyal friends , am soo attached to them, they are 30 as per yesterday, they were consuming a whole cow per month, now its 2 cows report from my farm manager , am afraid if I give them out for free they might be mishandled ,for free things got no valu.” Her post read.

But so big is her heart(or ego) that despite her tribulations, she added four more dogs to her outrageous collection.

0fgjhs7117b1hfulk-659d1789Akothee with one of her dogs. Photo(Instagram)
The singer, who is also an established farmer in her traditional domain, scooped two awards in the just concluded AFRIMMA 2016 awards.

If there is a Kenyan capable of feeding dogs with human food capable of fending for hundreds, some of us clearly need new friends.

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