Mondia Whytei popularly known as Mukombero (Luhya), Ogombo (Luo) and Muhukura (Gikuyu) is one of the readily available form of natural libido booster Kenyans can buy for as little as 5 bob.

Mukombero roots are usually sold in the streets by hawkers who will tell you its two most valuable uses; sex-stimulation and a perfect remedy for appetite loss.

Well, apparently Mondia Whytei is also used to treat a wide variety of illnesses including anorexia, bilharzia, indigestion, stress etc.

Mukombero was the highlight of Nairobi International Trade Fair 2017; Kenya Industrial Research And Development Institute (KIRDI) finally managed to make Mukombero juice that can be sold in supermarkets and other retail shops.

KIRDI says that value addition of Mukombero roots will enable more people to consume it without the fear of dangers as some people are apprehensive about chewing the roots being sold in the streets.

Mukombero juice will soon be available at the local supermarket for Kes 70 for a 300ml bottle, KIRDI told Citizen TV that the juice will come in different flavors.

News about Mukombero juice was received with excitement on social media, netizens expressed their yearning to drink the libido booster juice.

Watch the clip below to see how Mukombero juice look like: