If I was asked, this is the swag track for the first half of the year, because of so many variables, which I am about to list below.

A collabo between Octopizzo and Vicmass, on Kenyans’ favourite subject – money, and how much they have of it, talking about what is money, where is the moneyand coming back from Paris – the usual ‘floss mode’ for a typical lyricist – so much so that they’ve literally broken the bank, hence the title – bank otuch.

What makes it atypical is the finesse they use to do it. Anyone can rap about how much money they have (I’m looking at you, Rick Ross) but not everyone can do it well.

The song is done in a combination of English, Swahili, Sheng and Luo.

This remix was released on Tuesday and is at 6,000 views on YouTube, close to the 10,000 views of the original on Ngomma.


Pesa tang’o yawa (wachnegi)

Alando pile pile bend uwinja?

Mi ni papa uliza Winja

All black everything giluonga ninja

Money over everything, jaber, be iwinja?


Sit down with a translator to fully grasp the greatness that is this song.

First things first, Vicmass has undeniable talent when he is rapping in his mother tongue, as do several prolific Kenyan rappers (speaking of, whatever happened to Emwana?).

Adding Octopizzo’s inherent appeal and skill to the track was a genius move.

The arrangement is quite gratifying, as are the rhymes, and the icing on the cake is that Jidenna look-alike, who plays the trumpet in beautiful staccato, bursts in the background.

And then, just for kicks, because they can, they throw in skits in the middle about (sorry Chase Bank), money.

Don’t even get me started on homage paid to that sweet rhumba-like beat with a sample of Aminata by Madilu System smack dab in the middle.

I listened to this hip hop rhumba flavour for the first time, after a friend sent me the link.

And every time I listen to it, I hear and appreciate something new.

The video too is artistic in its simplicity as if deliberately trying not to distract you from the artistry.

Give this ultimate jam a listen.



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