Charles Njagua Kanyi is alleged to have a secret relationship with Tanzanian singer Lulu Abbas. According to reports the singer has been traveling to Kenya to see Jaguar severally. Jaguar is her manager.
Popular Kenyan musician turned politician Charles Njagua Kanyi alias Jaguar is once again on the spotlight after word emerged that he has ruined singer Lulu Abbas’ marriage.
Sources from a Tanzanian daily claim their relationship was the reason why she parted ways with her ex-husband.
“Safari zake Kenya zimekuwa haziishi, wenyewe wanadai wapo kikazi lakini mhh si kwa mapozi ya kimahaba wanayoonesha,” a source told Tanzanian news outlet Star Mix.
But Lulu was quick to deny the allegation saying: “Ni uzushi kama unavyojua Wabongo, Jaguar ni meneja wangu tu ambaye ananisaidia katika kunisimamia katika muziki na si vinginevyo,” Lulu Diva said.
Jaguar, who has been in the music industry for close to two decades now and owes his success to people who have always been close to him, people who have seen in through thick and thin, has had a tough stretch since announcing his interests in Kasarani parliamentary seat. Early this year, the ‘Kigeugeu’ hitmaker made headlines after his Range Rover Sport hit and killed two people.