Seems that Kenyans are fed up with how Darassa has been dodging them every time he is set to perform in the country.

It has happened three times in the last two months and I hear together with his Kenyan manager, they usually post posters to advertise he is coming after down payment is made, then when it comes to perform he doesn’t show up.

He didn’t show up at the Blue lounge as expected and neither did he grace X’s millionaires…something that makes many wonder why, yet he claims to love his Kenyan fans.

Darassa exposed as a con man

Darassa exposed as a con man

Fans have however come out to question whether he is a con artist out to get that Kenyan money the easy way or he just not interested in performing in our clubs.

Anyway, speaking to Mzazi yesterday, Darassa claimed that he was having issues with the event organizers who were not ready to meet his demands.