The singer is then joined by Future in a room that is full of mirrors, which are a symbol used in monarch programming to describe the fragmented minds of its victims.

Jay Z ft. Kanye West- Paris

The city of Paris is full of Illuminati imagery, so both Kanye and Jay, two hip-hop artistes who allegedly have ties in the occult, refer to the city in their song.

Concert goers are seen making the signs of the horns, as well as the pyramid symbol with their hands to represent the internal command structure of the illuminati. The panther and the lion are seen as a symbol of its members’ animalistic and sexual prowess.

Drake- Started from the Bottom

Drake uses an owl as a logo for his clothing brand, but the owl has symbolism that is tied to the Illuminati. It represents wisdom, and the illuminati believe they are the smartest people on the planet.

The owl logo is everywhere you look in the Started from the bottom video. Coincidence?