Nicki Minaj – Super Bass

In this particular video she dons a half pink and half blonde wig. Blonde is the preferred hair colour for MKUltra ritual goddesses, and the colour pink is mainly used to show the child-like multiple personalities of those under programming.

Nicki covers one eye with her hand to represent the eye of the Horus- a way to show allegiance.

2Pac ft Dr. Dre: California Love

The video looks like a ritual in the middle of the desert. The party goers are acting possessed, and there even appears to be a sacrifice taking place.

Skull imagery can also be seen as well as a goat skull that resembles Baphomet.

Nicki Minaj – Only

The video shows mind controlled victims tied up in a room. Nicki is later seen in a house surrounded by dancers and a fire is burning in the centre to represent the Lucifer and the eternal flame is a representation of their immortality.

Big Sean – Blessings featuring Drake, Kanye West

Blessings starts with Big Sean walking on clouds, a sign that aligns with the illuminati principle that they are all Gods in their minds.

The rapper then confesses to a priest who is played by himself, another reference to illuminati belief they are all Gods.