Jackline Mwende on Friday revealed what happened to her chopped hands, which fell on the ground after her husband brutally slashed them.

Speaking during an interview in Machakos County, Mwende recounted the events of the dreadful night stating that after her husband Stephen Ngila cut off her hands, her dog feasted on them.

She recollected how the dog came and picked the first hand after it fell down while she writhed in pain.

Kumfungulia hivyo ndo alinikata hii mkono ikaanguka chini…nikaona ikianguka…nikaona kaumbwa kengine kakali kakachukua hio mkono yangu kakaanza kukula,” she said.

Loosely translated as: “After I opened the door for him, he chopped off my hand and it fell down, I watched my dog pick the hand before it started eating it”.

Mwende said they had been fighting with the husband over inability to bear children in their 7-year marriage before he left three months ago and resurfaced on the fateful night.

According to Mwende, doctors had established that her partner was the one who had a problem, but he declined to go back to hospital and continued to blame her.

Mwende stated that she decided to remain in her matrimonial home after the local pastor persuaded her to persevere in the marriage despite the domestic violence, a decision she regrets.

One of Mwende’s neighbour, Sarah Mwendwa, disclosed that she had advised her countless times to leave the marriage but she declined.

On Monday, Ngila was arraigned and charged with assaulting Mwende including cutting off her hands.

He was denied bond on Friday and will remain in custody until police conclude investigations.