Several blogs have gone on to insinuate that Vivian is indeed having a thing with Timmy Tdat, but the elegant singer has decided enough is enough and decided to clear the air on the matter.

I talked to Vivian about the whole saga and asked her if they really are in a secret relationship or if these are just mere speculations.

Vivian did not hesitate to comment on the issue, revealing that she’s not involved with the popular rapper.

The talented ass said that she was shocked by the dating rumors, adding that Timmy Tdat is not her type of man and she doesn’t understand why anyone would link her to him.

Meanwhile, Timmy also refuted the claims, saying that his better half was pissed off by the rumors. We wonder, who this better half is exactly…Could he be talking about Dela?

Anyways, listen to the short audio below and find out if Timmy Tdat has ever made any moves on Vivian and more juicy details;