June this year, We ran a story about a Kenyan musician Bradley Juma Obomi, popularly known as Trap King Chrome who was arrested by the police after he allegedly pushed his girlfriend Tinu Collins from the 5th floor of an apartment block in Lavington area

Tinu Collins, a British woman was hospitalised at Nairobi Women’s Hospital for some time and was later discharged but she cannot leave the hospital because she is unable to settle the bill.

The young lady was left with a fractured ankle (right),  a broken leg and fracture of the pelvis and since then, things haven’t been easy for her. Tinu took to social media to call upon well wishers to help her go pay her hospital bill and go back to her country because she has had enough.

In a long post that has gone viral, Tinu Collins has narrated how she met Bradley Juma and how life has turned a back on her. she has been confined to a wheelchair.

Read her story below

“My name is Tinu Collins and I am 25 years old. I was born and raised in Burnage in Greater Manchester, the United Kingdom.

I need all the help I can get to come home. The British Embassy Case Worker in Kenya, Nairobi, Joy and my local Fallowfield/Rusholme MP Afsal Khan have not been responding to my families or my emails for help, advice or guidance and seemed to have abandoned me here with no information or practical advice that will help me to return back to my home country of England. I am beyond worried now and am beginning to get scared and more distressed at the situation with every passing day and with every ignored email and phone call blown back.

I cannot stay here indefinitely, (…Can I?) However, the family and I are running out of ideas and options of people to approach for help and with the wifi service being what it is here it has been really trying to keep consistently communicating.

I am writing this from my hospital bed on a ward in Nairobi Women’s Hospital in Kenya. I have received necessary and basic treatment due to the funds not being present and am making slow but steady progress. I am here alone, by myself with no family or friends now other than those I have made within the hospital.

I have been officially discharged from the actual hospital 6 weeks ago but am unable to leave and return back to England until my bill is paid in full. I need everybody’s help I know to achieve this, as the bill is increasing each day and will eventually hit a sum that is completely unobtainable and I am really scared as to where that will leave me.

The bill is currently Sh2.8 Million. I have family and friends that love and care for me but they are financially challenged and unable to help me cover the entire costs of my ongoing physiotherapy and current treatment costs as well as my return flight back to Manchester.

I know it can be done and I know that we can do it – because I have no other way home.

The hospital has been approached and requested to enter into a credit agreement with myself and other family members but so far have refused to permit it. I was working 3 jobs before coming out here for a 3-month trip and have been employed since I was 18 years of age. I do not receive nor have I ever needed to claim government benefits or financial help to date since living independently and have continued to pay all my own bills and take care of myself financially since I was a teenager. I am not a financial risk and would be able to pay this bill on my return over a period of years, possibly months with the help of my friends and family.

On June 12th 2017 I was admitted to Nairobi Women’s Hospital after plunging 5 floors off an apartment building.. and I do believe that Only by the Grace of God am I alive to tell this story with no long-term brain, spinal or psychological damage.

I was taken conscious to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and I was placed and kept in a coma for 3 days due to the nature and seriousness of my injuries, so they could assess the damage of my internal organs and to help keep my body still and stable.

I had to undergo three operations during the first couple of days as I had suffered a broken leg, fractured my right ankle and a fracture of the pelvis. The pain was unbearable and I was kept sedated with high doses of painkillers in order to rest and heal. I have a number of screws inserted into my leg, ankle and pelvis. I was bed bound and had to stay in ICU for 3 weeks. Being unable to use the bathroom or sit up was very psychologically challenging and I was scared and distressed I may never use my legs again. My spine was badly bruised and it took a number of weeks for the swelling to go down and some of my mobility to return.

It is important to say, that I can now use a chair independently having received some physiotherapy and I am getting my full mobility back although it is slow progress I can now see the day I will no longer need the chair or the crutches.

Sadly, I still need help with my personal care whilst here and am gradually getting more determined to get back to my old self with every challenge presented to me. My hair has begun to lox up as I’m unable to brush it properly without it causing me some pain and I have limited access to the community surrounding the hospital that I was visiting and have now been abandoned after initial disinterest and eventual neglect by my host and his immediate family.

My hosts immediate and ongoing concern is and has been, since I came off the 5th floor of the apartment building, the immediate and long-term welfare of himself, Bradley Ombomi, my ex partner, who was arrested at the scene on the night of the 12th June and is still under investigation by the police, who have taken both of our passports into custody and so far have failed to return them to either Myself or Bradley Omboi. i am also struggling to get any definitive response as to where it is and how to go about getting it returned back to me as that’s my official legal document and i won’t be able to fly home eventually without it.