Timmy Tdat has hit the headlines once again!

The Trickyde hitmaker is well known for his electric shows that gets lasses dancing to his irresistible beats. Timothy Owuor, has done it again

Performing at the Native Grill last weekend, Mpasho spotted Timmy Tdat doing what he knows best….Getting the sexy lasses to twerk on him, this time round, a mzungu chic made him go, Koo Koo, as she showed him what her mama gave her.

What amazed him was the fact that another lass, this time round a Kenyan one, danced as she gave him a sneak peek of her underwear and Mpasho was there to give you all the evidence you want.

timmy Tdat

I must say the Dus Nyau hitmaker must have seen a lot from lasses since he started performing in events.

Could this be the reason why he barely sticks to one woman? Timmy has been linked with several women in the music industry. His first public relationship was with rapper Kush Tracy which they later called it quits after what was termed as irreconcilable differences.

Timmy was later linked to dating singer Dela. The two were seen together in different events getting cosy as a video of them went viral as they kissed in a lift.

Since then, Timmy has been seen in events getting that romantic dance from the lasses